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Learn more about our pet boarding services below.

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Pet Boarding FAQs

East and West Ridge Animal Hospitals are here to provide you and your pet with an unmatched boarding experience. Our experienced pet boarding professionals will take the utmost care in ensuring that your pet is comfortable and safe during their stay with us. Additionally, our staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What does boarding entail?

Like any human vacation, we’ll allow your pet to decompress and relax! In addition, our compassionate and caring team will ensure that your pet gets enough one-on-one care, interactive playtime, long walks, and nutritional meals. We are happy to follow any dietary restrictions your pet may need and administer medication per veterinarian instructions.

What species do you board?

Cats, dogs, avians, and some exotics. Call us to confirm if we can board your pet!

Can I bring things from home for my pet?

While our boarding area has all the loving amenities of a home, we understand that pets, like humans, can grow homesick at times. Is there a favorite toy for your pet? Is there a particular treat? You are allowed to bring any items from home that would assist your pet rest while you are away to our boarding facility. We ask that you label these toys so that we can make sure they get home with your pet after the visit.

What days are you open?

We are open 7 days a week for pick up and drop off!

How do you charge for boarding services?

Our fee structure is set up like a human hotel – we charge per night! If you “check out” by 12pm, there is no charge for the last day of your pet’s stay.

What happens if my pet needs veterinary care during their stay?

If your pet needs veterinary care during their stay, they would be looked over by one of our veterinarians who would be in the clinic or on call. You will be notified of concerns and asked how you would like your pet to be treated depending on severity. If we are unable to reach you, we would reach out to their emergency contact.

What vaccinations are required for my pet to board?

Dogs: Dhpp, Bord and Rabies.

Cats: FVRCP and Rabies.

How do I make a reservation for my pet?

If you’re ready to book your pet’s stay with us or if you have further questions, please give us a call and we’d be happy to assist!