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Pet Cremation in Klamath Falls, OR.

We are proud to have been able to assist so many pets in living long and healthy lives with their owners, having treated many of them from infancy to senior years. Despite the fact that modern veterinary science has allowed pets to have longer lives, their lifetimes are still significantly shorter than those of their owners.

While we cannot prevent a pet’s death, we strive to provide end-of-life care that allows a pet to spend his or her final days with dignity and as much comfort as possible. When a pet’s life ends, either by natural causes or when his or her owner requests that we gently end suffering, we offer our on-site cremation as a loving and cost-effective way to lay the pet to rest.

Cremation services are available in both communal and private settings. The ashes are returned to the owner if private cremation is chosen. We guarantee that the ashes returned are your pet’s ashes and only your pet’s ashes. They’re packaged in a sealed bag and placed in a wooden box which can be used for display or burial. There are also a number of custom urns available. Communal cremations are not returned to the owner.