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Why people choose us.

Quick, fast, reliable, accommodating and friendly Dr. and staff. Had to schedule my 15 year old pup for a surgical procedure and I know he’s in good hands.
Becky C.

They took great care of my little Missy Mae. Removed a cyst from her back and cleaned her teeth. We picked her up and she was as good as new. And they were very affordable with no extra hidden fees or added procedures. I totally recommend Dr.Marcie and the staff.
Marilyn S.

Took my dog in for his rabies shot and he fought the whole time, the vets though.. amazing 👏👌 They were extremely patient with both of us and did everything possible to make my dog as comfortable as he would allow. Very grateful for people like them because I was feeling horrible about the situation but they were completely professional and understanding. Thank you West Ridge AH
Kristina L.

Went here over a weekend for urgent care because my usual vet was closed, and I am switching to vets to West Ridge—even though they are in the other side of town, they’re that good! Not too busy, very empathetic workers who really listen, full pharmacy and food shop, beautiful atmosphere. The real test was that this was the first vet my dog didn’t tremble and shake at! Love them.
Olivia S.

They took such good care of my little rat boy. I work an 8-5 and they were flexible about working with my schedule to get my little guy taken care of. A follow up call to check on Teddy was made the following day or day after. All the staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions I threw at them. I would definitely recommend them for anyone that has little “pocket pets” or exotics or any of your small furry family.

Luna F.

East Ridge Animal Hospital always do an excellent job of taking care of our exotic pets. They know how to treat our delicate pets with care and respect and we have a huge appreciation for them. Thank you East Ridge!
Steven M.

Great service! We have always had a great experience her. Their pricing is fair and they never over charge. Our dogs use the doggie hotel and see the Veterinarian. Most recently they helped us big by fixing our sweet girl up after she tore her chest open and they have been amazing in taking care of her in her follow-up care. Plus, they have taken the time to show us how to best care for her. We love West Ridge!
Melynda L.

Our dogs have been long time patients at West Ridge. Last week a serious injury occurred that required surgery. Dr. McGinnis, scheduled a special surgery date so that our dog could begin his healing process much quicker and not be in pain until the following week. The West Ridge staff treat your pets like their pets. We can’t thank them enough!
Claren N.