Randi Renner: joined our staff in September of 2010 after moving from the Bend, OR area. Due to her dedication and advanced knowledge, she is now our boarding manager. You may also find her working in reception and assisting the veterinarians as well. Randi also has a certificate of radiology in 2011 and has recently been accepted to San Juan Community College where she plans to pursue her goal of becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Randi has a passion for working with large animals and raising and showing club calves as well as being a valued children’s 4-H coach.

Amy Swindler: joined our staff in 2002. She has her Oregon Veterinary Radiology Certification. She is currently attending San Juan College’s Veterinary Technology program. She will graduate with an associate’s degree in April of 2013. Amy enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, horse activities, and spending time with her family. She has three cats, two dogs, and two horses. Amy has been a 4-H leader for 13 years. She has coached the Klamath County State Judging/Hippology Team. She is also a leader of the 4-Shots shooting sports team and is certified in Archery, Pistol and Rifle. She plans to become certified in Shotgun in 2013. She is also involved in the 4-H Veterinary Science club with Dr. Marcie Keener. She is a member of NAVTA, OVTAA, SCNAVTA, and OHA.

StaffSandi Marino: is one awesome person! She is a huge help around the hospitals because she can do just about everything. She has been a veterinary technician for 17 years. She has experience with large and small animals. She is currently helping us with accounts receivable, and helping the office run smoothly. She also can be found assisting doctors with procedures on a regular basis. She is happily married with 2 kids and a small farm.

Heather: started working at West Ridge/East Ridge Animal Hospitals about a year ago, but has been working with animals for 13 years. She became a licensed Vet Technician 5 years ago and she loves every aspect of the job! She originally started out in the Forestry with a degree from Humboldt State University but quickly realized that it wasn’t her passion. She and her husband moved from California to Oregon and that is when she really got to working around and with animals. They have been in Klamath Falls for about 13 years and have 3 wonderful kids and 4 furry kids. They love this area because of all of the outdoor and camping opportunities it has here.

Amanda: I grew up with animals. Chickens, donkeys, pigs, cats, dogs, and birds. I was in 4-H when I was younger. I have always had a love and passion for animals. On the hardest day, an animal can bring a smile to my face. I currently work as a kennel technician, receptionist, veterinary assistant, and am the manager of the crematorium. My goal is to make sure the patient is treated with love and companionship, to make sure they leave with all their needs met and to know the customer was satisfied with the service given.  I’m a mother to a 9-year-old boy. I have three dogs and two cats, which were all rescues. The philosophy that I live by is always take in every moment, good or bad. Make sure to listen to stories told of your family and friends, even if you have heard them a million times, because one day you won’t get those moments back.