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Pet of the Month

February 2015
Oboy is a 6 year old lab who currently commutes (with his owner) from Medford to West Ridge to undergo stem cell therapy for his arthritis! Oboy came in for his one month check-up today and we’ve seen profound improvements in his movements and attitude!

Oboy is now jumping around, running, and has more energy than even a month ago! Because of Oboy’s treatment, he’s been able to stop his pain medication!

The first video is 3 weeks ago, and the bottom video is today!

November 2014
Tuck Runnels is the November Pet of the month! Tuck was unfortunately hit by a car over one year ago and suffered a broken leg. After attempts to set his fracture were unsuccessful by another veterinary hospital, it was decided that amputation was necessary. Dr. McInnis performed the amputation and Tuck responded excellently. After Tuck made a full recovery we began the work of fitting him for a prosthetic limb. He is currently using a temporary prosthetic as we monitor his progress and make constant adjustments to find the optimal fit.

Tuck has shown amazing patience and courage throughout this process. Each time he visits us for an adjustment of his prosthetic his spirits are soaring and it is contagious. Although Tuck has endured some challenging circumstances his resolve and good nature have never waivered. This month we honor Tuck!


June 2014
Franklin is a Flamepoint Siamese cat who is three and a half years old who we adopted as a rescue kitten from “Friends of Pets”. He is a wonderful, playful cat who loves his dog friend Annie who is a one year old Australia Shepherd puppy. Frankie is a very well traveled kitty as he spent many months with us in our 36 foot motor home traveling around the west. He is leash trained so he can do some exploring outside and doesn’t have to be confined just to the motor home and house. He can pretend he’s a great hunter cat too so being outside is one of his favorite things of all. He is a great inside mouser as well and any time he can will capture a tiny intruder if possible.

Last winter Franklin got sick and was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has responded remarkably well to the therapy and we could not be happier at this point with how he is doing so far. We are so pleased with the care he has received at West Ridge and how well they have worked with and coordinated with the specialist in Medford. He is back to playing with and attacking his 50 pound friend Annie again and getting slobbered all over! -Sheryl Beverly (Frankie’s Guardian)

Frankie is such an awesome cat! His personality and perseverance in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. Recently I went in the back to say “hi” to Frankie after his chemotherapy and he was so curious and loving, he just came right up and placed his front paws on my chest to look around the rest of the room. Although I know coming here probably isn’t Frankie’s favorite part of the day, his visits sure brighten my days! -Chris


July 2014

Jessie is a frequent visitor and boarder at East Ridge and we LOVE having her here! Jessie was a contestant in our “Biggest Loser” contest and has a couple of photos handing in the boarding lobby. Jessie loves to be loved and hangs out with the East Ridge Staff regularly, She is very comfortable here and it shows!

Here are some comments about Jessie from our staff:

Randi says, “I love Jessie as much as I love my own dogs!”

Josh says, “Jessie is the “Winnie the Pooh of Dogs”, She has an incredible personality; She is irreplaceable.”

Dr Keener says, “She is the perfect patient.”